How Big Data and Customer Analytics Can Boost Customer Retention

How Big Data and Customer Analytics Can Boost Customer RetentionTechWeb, a division of United Business Media (UBM Tech) recently released a comprehensive white paper sponsored by IBM, titled, “The State of Customer Analytics: Taking a Proactive Approach to Loyalty & Retention”. The white paper explores how customer analytics can increase customer retention and minimize defections through optimally timed, personalized retention offers while significantly improving a company’s bottom line.

Most companies have vast amounts of data about their customers, but have trouble sorting through it all to make meaningful decisions. New analytic tools are becoming available that make it possible to do this.

By using customer analytics to create 360-degree consumer portraits, and then personalizing communications, companies can up-sell and cross-sell to those clients to maximize profitability and increase customer lifetime value. Businesses doing this are not only increasing revenue, but maintaining and developing crucial relationships with their customers.

Customer loyalty & retention analysis enables companies to calculate customer value and to determine whether the retention effort for that specific client is worth the investment. Loyalty is not only concerned about rewarding customers with personalized offers through loyalty programs, but also with turning satisfied customers into successful brand advocates. Techniques such as social network analysis enable businesses to identify those customers with a significant sphere of influence among their peers. As customers’ trust in traditional marketing messages has been steadily decreasing, the ability to leverage peer recommendations by capitalizing on those active in social media is a powerful way to enforce brand loyalty.

Retention analysis allows companies to identify early warning signs of defection. Companies can proactively approach the best customer to target based on their likelihood to accept an offer to stay and not stray to a competitor.

An emerging area, social media analytics, unlocks the value of customer sentiment. It functions both as a listening tool and as a means for predicting consumer behavior and improving customer satisfaction. As business professionals assess the critical infrastructure necessary to cope with the Big Data onslaught, one component is key—comprehensive customer analytics adoption. From accessing rich social media data to increasing customer loyalty & retention, businesses today have a number of goals to focus on at once. A key question remains: How are business leaders viewing the role of technology in assisting them to accomplish their loyalty and retention tasks?

By implementing proactive loyalty and retention initiatives, they can better understand who their satisfied customers are and turn those customers into successful brand advocates.

MediaTrac has released several ebooks demonstrating how dealerships can boost sales with customer loyalty and retention programs. They are available to download for free at http://www.media-trac.com/resources/whitepapers.shtml

How does your business sort through all of your customer data?

Is your company tracking social media analytics? If yes, how are you doing this?

Are you currently using a customer loyalty and/or retention program? Why or why not?

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