Let the Countdown Begin with Loyalty

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As individuals, the beginning of a new year is a time for reflection, a time for evaluating the last 12 months and to plan for the next 12. Many of us welcome the empowering sense of starting over again, where we use our “clean slate” to refocus our efforts on things we hope to accomplish in the fast-approaching future.

The same mentality applies to corporations but is rarely taken advantage of to full effect. In the current business world, so many companies are simply trying to get through another year. However, businesses of every size can encourage and apply many practices that would not only promote business maintenance, but business growth.Loyalty Countdown

In the spirit of the season, we’re counting down each day until New Year’s by sharing with you some ideas for building loyalty and retention. We encourage you to reference and evaluate each one as you prepare goals and resolutions for the coming year and invite you to share any ideas you have to put each loyalty principle into practice.

Here’s to a Happy & Successful New Year!

Loyalty Countdown:

#12 – Store Your Data In One Centralized Database
#11 – Collaborate With Your Channel Partners
#10 – Give Your Front Line the Skills to Perform
#9 – Use Multiple Channels to Serve the Same Customers Well
#8 – Win Back Lost Customers
#7 – Know Your Customer’s Definition of Value
#6 – Get Responsive & Stay That Way
#5 – Aggressively Seek Out Customer Complaints
#4 – Serve First; Sell Second
#3 – Know Your Loyalty Stages & Ensure Your Customers Are Moving Through Them
#2 – Practice the 80/20 Rule
#1 – Build Staff Loyalty

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