Facebook Marketing Bootcamp Week 1: Better Business in a Connected World

Facebook Marketing BootcampSince the launch of Facebook Pages four years ago, businesses have been seeking to harness the full potential of social media marketing. They have turned to many different marketing and social media experts for their expertise and insights, but these businesses have never had the opportunity to pick the brains of the most experienced Facebook experts out there: Facebook itself.

Just last week, Facebook Marketing Solutions launched its first ever Bootcamp, a series of 6 online webinars designed to help B2C and B2B businesses get the most out of their Pages. Facebook Marketing Bootcamp is developed and hosted by members of the Facebook corporate marketing team, allowing businesses the opportunity to learn directly from the source which social media marketing practices work best… and those that don’t. Each half hour webinar consists of a roughly 10-minute presentation by a member of the Facebook staff, followed by a 20-minute live question-and-answer session with the webinar hosts.

Here are some of the highlights from week 1:

Why Facebook for Business?

The purpose of social media platforms, like Facebook, is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. What does this do for businesses? It broadens your reach, allowing you to connect to the friends of those already following your Page through word-of-mouth marketing like we’ve never seen it before.

Facts for Thought:

800 Million Users on Facebook
2 billion Facebook posts/day
500 million log in every day
250 million photos uploaded daily

Word-of-mouth marketing is twice as likely to cause engagement and 4 times as likely to cause purchase than any other marketing method. Through social media, conversations and content-sharing are happening at a rate like never before. As social media marketers, it is our job to spark conversations, to encourage sharing, to engage our customers in a way that we’ve never been able to before. We know who our brand advocates are; we need to target our engagements to these customers and get them talking. After all, it’s much better for someone else to say something nice about you than for you to say something nice about yourself!

Connect to People with Your Facebook Page

Facebook Marketing Solutions recommends that we use Facebook to connect to our customers in 5 key ways:

1. Build Out Your Facebook Page. Add profile information, like videos and photos of your products and employees. Flesh out any business details available on your Page’s “Info” tab. Then invite your friends to “like” your page.

2. Connect the Virtual to the Physical. Share any in-store updates and promotions on your Page. Add your Facebook site URL to any print collateral (e.g. business cards, posters, mailers).

3. Engage Your Fans. Ask your fans questions. Share news about your industry and business. Host contests with prizes. Stay current with your posts, and most importantly, respond. Social media is about a two-way conversation. Don’t ignore or delete negative responses; take advantage of these opportunities to show how you positively resolve bad customer experiences!

4. Acquire New Fans. Use Facebook ads to promote your business to friends of your fans. Add “like” boxes to your corporate sites and blogs. Tell your non-Facebook contacts about your business Page using Facebook’s “Import Contacts” feature.

5. Drive In-Store Traffic. Post daily deals and discount codes. Use “whispering codes” on your Page, and when your fans visit your business with the right codes, reward them for their loyalty.

Are you attending the Facebook Marketing Bootcamp? How are you applying what you learned in your business?

Read hightlights from Bootcamp Week 2 & Bootcamp Week 3 OR click here to view the full webinar videos.

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