The Hard Facts & Financial Impact Report: Auto Dealership Loyalty Programs & the Effects They Have on Profitability

Financial Impact ReportMany organizations have tried to measure automotive loyalty but have lacked real transactional data. JD Power and Associates recently published its yearly findings on automotive brand loyalty. However, unlike the Power study, the focus of this whitepaper is at the individual dealership level and relates to those dealers who offer a non-OEM or independent loyalty program. Key elements that were analyzed in addition to vehicle repurchase intent include service-revenue generation, service-visitation frequency and marketing responsiveness.

Professionals and groups in the auto industry have traditionally been slow adopters of customer loyalty and reward programs. Skepticism about ROI and long-term value has been prevalent, and hard facts have been difficult to substantiate due to a lack of documented program membership and transactional data.

As with most any situation, we doubt claims lacking concrete proof. Sometimes our doubt is right on the money — and frequently it proves quite costly.

It is this skepticism, however, that proves costly when compared to the financial gains being experienced by dealerships that do participate and enroll customers into these types of retention-based programs.

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