Are You Letting Your Employees Share Their Story?

StorytellingTheir story is who they are, what they’re about and why they work for you. Their story will help your dealership be more human. Being human will get you more business, earn you more referrals and create untold amounts of customer loyalty.

Why is humanity important you ask? Why is oxygen important? Both are imperative, the former becoming even more so the more we move towards a customer-driven economy. People want to do business with people. They want to do business with people they like, know and trust… with people, with humans. Are you human?

By becoming more human you give your customers a reason to like you, a way to know you and allow for the creation of trust.

Here’s an idea for showcasing your humanity: allow your employees to tell their story. What I mean by that is let them create videos and share with the world who they are, why they work for you and what kind of place the dealership is. This gives the people who obtain service at your dealership insight into who the woman that changes their oil is, who the guy is that fixed their starter and why they both love working at your dealership.

Don’t stop there though! Every employee should be given a change to tell their story. How many kids do they have, how long have they lived in the community, where did they go to school and why are they working at your dealership. The idea behind this is that you don’t want your customers to just to do business with ABC Motors, but with Becky and Mark, Ryan and Samantha.

Remember, the difference between traditional advertising and social media is that traditional advertising is all about the marketing of the business, where social media is all about the marketing of the PEOPLE of the business. In other words, it’s time to market your humanity. Why? Because people want to do business with other people, not with a faceless machine.

Source: PersuasiveConcepts.com, April, 2012. Author, David Johnson.

How have you empowered your employees to share who they are with your customers?

When you receive reviews from customers about specific employees that helped make their experience more enjoyable, how do you reward these employees?

How do you encourage your employees to go above and beyond traditional service to create positive, memorable interactions with your customers?

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