Recommended Read: 3 Ways To Get Customer Loyalty Wrong

Customer loyalty is a topic that is more important than ever, as technology has created more consumer fragmentation, as well as creating message and brand overwhelm.

While it’s a critical strategic endeavor for every company, even some of the largest brands in the world make significant customer loyalty mistakes. As a small business, you may have even more at stake.

Here are three key ways that companies get their customer loyalty efforts backwards:

1. Not Respecting Your Existing Customer

2. Rewarding Spenders but Not Senders

3. Creating a Loyalty Program vs. Brand Loyalty

Remember that true loyalty comes from customers feeling that you care about them or that they were treated like a king or queen when dealing with you.

Source: CNBC.com, January 6, 2012. Author, Carol Roth.

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Have you seen other businesses get customer loyalty wrong? What were they trying? Why did it fail? How did they recover?

What mistakes has your business made when trying to build customer loyalty? What did you learn in the process?

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