Spreading the Word About Your Loyalty Program

Surprise Me! Network Blog | By Unknown | January 22, 2013

Spreading the Word About Your Loyalty ProgramAre you beginning a customer loyalty program for your business? Or are you hoping to gain some additional awareness and exposure for your current loyalty program? Before you can begin to see the results of your program, you need to make sure your customers know about it and understand what it is.

Because customer loyalty programs are common in many locations, your customers may already be on the lookout for any clues that suggest you are offering a program as well. If they aren’t, however, you’ll want to let them know about the first time they stop by your business.

Below are a few effective ways for spreading the word about your loyalty program.

Store-Based Messaging

Your customer loyalty program is in your business location, so it makes sense to promote it within your location. Whether you own a restaurant, a coffee shop, or a shoe store, including messaging about your loyalty program is a sure way to sign up more participants. Mention the program at your cash register, on your menus, and on in-store signs. Also, train your employees to talk about your program to each customer as well. This will all help encourage your customers to join your program.

Media Promotions

If your business has the budget, utilize different forms of media to spread the word about your loyalty program. Radio commercials are still an effective form of advertising, as are television commercials. If these are a bit too pricey, however, think of print advertising in local publications. Also, online advertising is an affordable and targeted way to promote your program. The main thing to keep in mind is to promote your loyalty program where your customers are looking. Once you get your messaging in front of them, you’ll see more sign ups.

Sell the Benefits of Your Loyalty Program

Before any customer signs up for your loyalty program, they’ll want to hear the benefits. Make sure that, no matter how you promote your program, you keep the benefits of the program at the forefront of your messaging. If you offer free surprises or goods for frequenting your location, tell people. If you give away discount codes to your loyal customers, tell people. All these benefits will convert more infrequent customers to frequent customers.

When your customer loyalty program is adopted by your prime customer base, you are building a quality crowd of return customers who will keep coming back and spending money at your business. With a successful loyalty program, your business can count on revenue, and you’ll see it succeed.

Click here for more information about how to spread the word about your loyalty program.

How does your business spread the word about your loyalty program?

Which way is most effective for your company?

What are other effective ways you can inform customers about your program?

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